SDI - Internet Marketing

Your eCommerce site can’t start at v.1.0. Your company deserves a world-class selling presence from day one.

SDI is a full service provider of turn-key online marketing solutions We can take your e-commerce experience to the next level by letting you:

  • make online shopping more rewarding for your customers and profitable for you,
  • easily maintain and update the appearance and content of your online catalogs
  • connect your catalogs to back-end processes for order confirmation, shipment tracking, ERP, CSM, etc. and
  • integrate your online selling program with the rest of your retail strategy.

Simply stated, we can help you achieve your long-term site objectives immediately.

As you already know, the Web allows you to reach an interested, qualified audience in a new and exciting way. More importantly, it allows you to reach beyond your existing customer base to contact new prospects at no additional cost.

Use our technology to give yourself an unfair advantage.

For the Few

SDI provides fully managed internet marketing capabilities to an exclusive core of clients, sophisticated marketers that understand the value of brand promotion in the new century.

Is SDI the right choice for you? If your company wants to extend its marketing presence across channels, media and markets, the answer may be yes.

Contact us today, let's discuss your objectives.